6 Best Luxury Lodge Treks in Nepal 2023

06 Jul, 2019  |   By Apar Datta

Have you ever been on a trip that combines adventure and luxury into one? If you have, you surely know the perks of the type of trip. Even if you have not, you should go for it at least once in your lifetime. Either way, there is a wonderful combination of trekking and staying in luxury accommodations in the wilderness of mountains. Nepal, the trekking paradise, offers you such a beautiful chance to go for these two wonderful experiences at a go. We have identified 6 Best Luxury Lodge Treks in Nepal and brought some information about those trips.

The luxury trekking adventures that go mostly in the Everest and Annapurna region in Nepal are certainly some of the best walking experiences. You trek through the winding trails in the mountains and ultimate reach the overnight destination to enjoy the comfort of luxury accommodation. Mixing these two quite different experiences into one certainly creates an experience to treasure for life.

everest base camp trek

Lets take a look at the 6 Best Luxury Lodge Treks in Nepal Spread in the popular trekking regions of Everest and Annapurna, these luxury lodge trekking adventures are the best way to experience mountain luxury.

1. Everest Comfort Trek

One of the best luxury lodge treks in Nepal, Everest Comfort Trek offers a beautiful walking experience in the Everest region. This adventure takes you to explore the half way through the route of the Everest base camp trek. It also takes you to some beautiful places that regular trekking adventures normally do not go.

You will go towards Thame that is situated off many regular trekking trails. But this adventure takes you to the places that are truly worth visiting. You can stay in luxury lodges at each overnight destination. Exploration of the Everest region becomes an adventure in style. This is a short and a beautiful luxury lodge trekking exploration of the Everest.

2. Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek

If you want a longer version of the trek and yet want to experience the luxury, Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek is the perfect choice. The trek not only allows you to trek to the base camp of Mt. Everest but also experience the comfort of luxury accommodation. This trek also uses a private helicopter to return back to Kathmandu from the mountains.

When you fly to Lukla for the trip, you fly on the regular plane and trek to the base camp. But while returning back, you will use a helicopter from Gorakshep. Using the helicopter to fly back to Kathmandu cuts the walking days short and keeps you in the luxury of flying back straight from near the base camp.

3. Ama Dablam Base Camp Luxury Trek

ama dablam base camp luxury trek

Ama Dablam Base Camp Luxury Trek is another short and beautiful trekking adventure in the Everest. This adventure is also one of the best base camp trekking adventures in Nepal. And combining this beautiful trek with luxury of the comfort lodges makes the trip an even more beautiful experience.

Ama Dablam is one of the prominent mountains in the Everest region and can overshadow any other mountains with its spectacular beauty. Within short period of time, you will get to experience the magnificence of the Ama Dablam Mountain and its base camp. In addition to the base camp, you will certainly enjoy the view of other mountains and luxury lodge accommodations. In other words, this Trek is combinied with Luxury Hotel Accomodation on original Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek.

4. Luxury Everest View Trek

everest veiw trekking

You will get a beautiful glimpse of Mt. Everest while you are on the Luxury Everest View Trek. One of the short and beautiful trekking adventures in the Everest region, the trek brings you an amazing view of the Mt. Everest. Although you do not trek all the way to the base camp, you will have the view of the highest mountain in the world.

The trek takes you up to Tengboche and returns back towards Lukla. Tengboche is the highest elevation (3,860m) that the trek takes you to. You will explore beautiful Sherpa villages in addition to enjoy the beauty of mountains. The adventure also uses the luxury lodges as your accommodation.

5. Annapurna Luxury Trek

After listing the luxury treks in the Everest, we are in the Annapurna region now. Annapurna Luxury Trek is the adventure that uses luxury lodge accommodation. Although the trek does not go high into the elevation, you will get to see the high soaring mountains for sure. The adventure is more of a mix of nature, walking, views, and the luxury accommodation.

While you are on the adventure, you will trek mostly through the foothills of Annapurna in the surroundings of Modi Khola valley. The trek goes to the west of Pokhara and around the Himalayan foothills. It certainly offers you one of the most beautiful lower elevation and short trekking experiences.

6. Dhampus Sarangkot Luxury Trek

dhampus sarangkot trek

Shortest of all the 6 best luxury lodge treks in Nepal, Dhampus Sarangkot Luxury Trek is also the easiest of all. This trek is a beautiful nature and cultural trek in the surroundings of Pokhara.

You neither go high into the mountains nor experience the trek to be difficult. It is a gentle walking experience that offers you breathtaking views of the Annapurna range. In addition to the views of mountains and nature, you will also walk through beautiful local villages. Walking through those villages will give you some ideas of the rural lifestyle in Nepal. Even though the trekking area lies closer to Pokhara, you will see and experience a perfect rural atmosphere during the trek.

Although these trekkign in Nepal mix the luxury accommodation experience on the adventure, the trails you follow are the same as other regular treks in the region. The walking experience will certainly be wonderful but the entire trip experience will be uniquely beautiful. Check All Luxury Tours and Trekking in Nepal.

While most of the trekking adventures in Nepal are tea house treks that provide basic accommodation facilities on the trek, these adventures here on the list are quite different. Not all the trekking areas and the routes have the luxury accommodation facilities. But routes that the treks mentioned here go to have those luxury establishments. Use of those establishments along the trekking trail is certainly a relaxing experience after a walking adventure for the day.

If these luxury trekking adventures are appealing you and want to know more, please do write to us. We would love to share information that you want to know.

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