This is why Short Treks in Nepal are Amazing Adventures

11 May, 2019  |   By Admin

As a matter of fact, trekking is a big adventure in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal offers adventurers with a lifetime experience of walking through the Himalayan landscape. Trekkers can enjoy various lengths of trekking adventures in the mountains of Nepal. We are going to talk today about why short treks in Nepal are amazing adventures. The Himalayan surroundings in Nepal offer incredible walking experience to the trekkers.

You will probably wonder why short treks in Nepal are amazing adventures. But short treks in Nepal are surely one of the most cherished adventures where people enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

While this list of our 5 Wonderful Short Treks gives you a basic idea of what these adventures look and feel like, this post will inform you well about what to expect on those adventures. Short treks in Nepal vary in length of the days. You can choose short walking adventures anywhere from 3 days to 7 days of walk. Although we call these short treks, you still need to walk multiple days in the mountains. These multi-day walking adventures are comparatively shorter than longer treks like Everest Base Camp Trek 2023 or Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Ever wondered why short treks in Nepal are amazing adventures?

Find these facts about short trekking adventures in Nepal that make them truly wonderful.

A Rejuvenating Walking Holiday

Short trekking adventures in Nepal offer you a peaceful walking holiday experience that takes you away from everyday hustle of life. These adventures will help you unplug and rejuvenate your inner self. The trek that goes into peaceful natural surroundings of mountains is certainly a meaningful holiday for its splendor. After you are on the adventure, you surely fee the rejuvenating energies filling into your body. These short trekking adventures, like Short Mardi Himal Trek, in Nepal are your much needed breaks away from the everyday stress of your life.

An Escape to Nature

While you are on any of the short trekking adventures in Nepal, you will be exploring beautiful nature of middle hills to mountains of Nepal. Short treks like Short PoonHill Trek or Short Everest Base Camp Trek offer you a nice escape to nature. Walking through beautiful and lush green forests and other natural surroundings during the adventure is a highlight. You will enjoy the beauty of nature at the best on these shorts treks in Nepal.

Amazing Walking Thrill in a Short Duration

 As short trekking adventures, these trips bring the best of walking experiences. Although you walk only for a few days during the trip, you will get to see the wonders of mountains. You will feel the best of the walking thrills on the trails that meander up and down through the mountains. These short treks will introduce you to the walking trails in pristine surroundings of nature where you get the thrilling experience of walking through mountains.

Mountain Cultures and Lifestyle

As the short treks also go to the magical mountains of Nepal, these adventures bring you a chance to witness mountain lifestyle. The villages and settlements that come along the trail offer you an opportunity to take a close peek into the local cultures. For example, when you go on a short Manaslu Circuit Trek, you will explore ancient villages with wonderful cultural riches. The uniqueness of life and culture in the Nepalese mountains is an unparalleled cultural experience to go for. You will find a diverse range of cultural wonders within short distance and period of time exploration.

How to find the Best Suitable Short Trek?

While there are an overwhelming number of beautiful short trekking adventures, you should take time to research about the one you want to go on. Although you will find all the amazing reasons to trek to the mountains, you might like to consider the way you want to do the adventure. No matter where you go for trekking, you surely enjoy the amazingness of the adventure. But the style of travel makes all the meaning.

You should follow these steps to find the best short trek that speaks to you.

Research for Short Trek in Nepal

Before you decide on going to any short trek in Nepal, you have to do a thorough research on those trips. Various trekking regions like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu and others offer a wide range of amazing short treks. Each has their own significant charm with the same basic wonderful essentials as talked above.

If you can narrow down you research to where you want to trek to, it will be much easier for you to choose. While there is countless information on the internet about anything, it will not be difficult to find information on short treks in Nepal. But the most authentic way of finding the right trip will be to talk to local trekking operators. As the ground handlers, the trekking companies like Trekking Trail Nepal will have authentic and most up to date information about the adventures. Talking to them will help you in abstracting the idea of what you want to do.

Decide on the Logistics

While going on a short trekking adventure in Nepal, you should be careful enough to choose you logistics like mode of transportation, hotel accommodations in the cities etc. Although the main adventure takes place in the mountains, you have to travel there via different cities and towns where you will have options to choose your type of accommodation. If you also know how you want to travel from one place to the other, it will also add to your experience. You can use flight, private transportation, tourist bus or local bus as the mode of transportation.

However the mountains will not leave you with choices of accommodation except in few places. Most of the mountain areas use basic teahouses and lodges to accommodation trekkers. The same applies also to the short treks.

Budget for the Trip

Your budget for the trip will determine what kind of logistics you want to use and accordingly where you will head. But this is certainly not a determining fact to make you decide on the adventure. But it makes a whole lot of difference. If you want to do Short Everest Trek, it obviously costs more than other adventures since you have to include flight to Lukla and back to Kathmandu. Whereas the cost for trips like Short Annapurna Circuit Trek depends on the mode of transportation. If you use private vehicle as the mode of transportation, the cost certainly goes up.

So, as a traveler, you certainly know how to budget your trip and the same applies also to the short trekking adventures in Nepal. You can always check and talk to the local operators to find the best deal and packages.

We always work to provide you with the necessary information on trekking, tour and travel information. And, we hope we have provided you with why short treks in Nepal are amazing adventures and how to choose a suitable one for you. But if you think you want to know more, you can always write to us. We will be happy to write back to you with the information you want to know.

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