Best Nepal Trekking in December 2024

06 Dec, 2018  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

What is it like to go Trekking in Nepal in December 2024?

What is it like to go trekking in Nepal in December? Had you given a thought about it before or does your calendar have a schedule to go trekking in Nepal in December this year or in 2024? Let’s talk about what it is like in the mountains of Nepal in December. December is the start of the cold season in Nepal. The Mercury level in the thermometer keeps going lower each next day from December. Mountains start getting colder day by day. So, is it possible to go trekking in the mountains at that time? The answer is a definite yes. Trekking in December is certainly possible although it feels cold up in the mountains. Trekking trails in the mountains get the effects of the winter as you can see snow along at the high altitude.

Although the beginning of the month is cooler, the latter half of the month will be freezing during the night, and mornings and evenings will be chilly.

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Base Camp Trekking in Nepal in December 2024

Although lower elevation treks are still easy to do during winter months, base camp treks like Everest Base Camp Trek 2023 get extreme conditions in December and other months of winter. Base camps and high passes will get full of snow however the view of the mountains will be amazingly spectacular. ABC Trekking and other base camp treks will also have a similar situation.

The weather condition will have a drastic difference in the early and later weeks of the month. Even the day time and night time temperatures will have a huge difference. The days will be warmer while walking and the nights will be cold with the temperature below the freezing point.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons to go Trekking in Nepal in December 2024

  • Peaceful Trekking Trail – December is the month when the number of trekkers starts to slow down in the mountains. Only fewer trekkers will be enjoying the majestic beauty of mountains in December. While months like March-May and September – November have a big crowd of trekkers trekking in Everest, December is much more peaceful to travel there.
  • Pristine Views – Although the weather in the high mountains is freezing cold in December, it normally brings clear and breathtaking views of mountains and surroundings. As you trek higher into the wilderness of mountains, you will enjoy the surreal views of the mountains. You will feel like the mountains are talking just to you.
  • Pleasant Walk – Trekking in the mountains in December is a pleasant experience. Although it is cold in the mornings, evenings, and nights, the afternoon will feel cooler as you walk. The actual walking activity in the mountains in December is pleasantly warming. You will enjoy the walk as you traverse the trekking trail through the beautiful surroundings of the mountains.

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How to Prepare for Trekking in December?

If you want to enjoy trekking in December in Nepal, you have to have proper clothing and equipment. Carrying nice warm down jacket, wind-proof trousers, plenty warm clothes, sleeping bag and liner etc. will have a vital role in making the winter trekking in Nepal comfortable. You will also need a light wind-cheating warming layer for the walk in the afternoon as it can be uncomfortable to walk with a down jacket on. But you will definitely need a down jacket for the adventure.

What are the Accommodations like in December?

The accommodations along the trekking trail in the mountains of Nepal remain open in December. Although the accommodations will have enough blankets to keep you warm, carrying your own sleeping bag is an added comfort during the chilly nights. The tea houses and lodges do not have heating system so all you have is the layers on your body, sleeping bag and blanket to keep you warm at night. Lodges and teahouses will have fireplace in the common sitting area where you can warm yourself during and after dinner.

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What will Trekking Trail be like in December 2023?

Trekking trail in December in the mountains will surely have trekkers. Although the trail in lower parts will be warm enough with no snow, the higher altitude will have the trail covered in
snow. Especially the trail along the base camps, passes, and other high elevation will be covered in snow. So, walking through the snow-covered trekking trail is a challenging adventure but the view of the surrounding mountains is worth taking the challenge. The view of the surroundings will make you forget the difficulty of walking on the snowy trail and cold of the winter.

Trekking in Nepal in December is certainly an enjoyable adventure as it is just the beginning of winter season. You will not only enjoy awesome views of mountains but also have an experience of winter trekking in Nepal. The experience will be a pleasant mixing of challenge and joyful adventure. If you want to go trekking in the second half of the month, you will also spend the holidays in the amazing mountains. The time is surely worth going to the mountains in Nepal.

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Would you be daring enough to challenge the cold and enjoy the mountain beauty in December? Write to us about an amazing Nepal trek in December.

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