Karbakeli Eco Trek - New Trekking Trail in Annapurna 2023

29 Nov, 2022  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

A New Trekking Trail adjoined to some old routes inside Annapurna is getting popular nowadays. Although this Karbakeli Eco Trek does not belong to Annapurna Conservation Area, The famous Short Poon Hill Trek will connect. Similarly, Mohare Danda Community Trekking 2023 and the hot spring of Tatopani can combine with your interest. 

This new trekking route of Karbakeli Eco Trek comes under of Myagdi district, which is only 3 hour's drive away from Pokhara. The religious value of Karbakeli temple, mountain views, close to Poon Hill, and Mohare Danda make this another Short Trek from Pokhara. Likewise, community homestay accommodation, untouched nature, traditional lifestyle, and noncommercial trekking area make this another alternative for Nepal Short Treks.

5 Days Itinerary of Karbakeli Eco Trekking Trail covers new places like Phulbari, Kafal Danda, Karbakeli, and Beni. However, old places like Nayapul, Tikhedhunga, Ghorepani, and Poo Hill must be cover to experience this New Karbakeli Eco Trek.

Karbakeli Eco Trek Itinerary 

The typical classical Karbakeli Eco Trek Itinerary is of 5 Days from Pokhara to Pokhara as Nepal short trek. Meanwhile, you can add Mohare Danda, Nangi Village, Tikot Village, or Banskharka for a longer walk. Similarly, you can start Karbakeli Eco Trekking from Kathmandu with a Pokhara Tour or Baglung hike with a high bridge excursion; the itinerary gets longer.

5 Days Eco Short Trek in Nepal

1 Day: Drive from Pokhara to Nayapul and Trek to Ulleari

2 Day: Steep up trek to Ghorepani as the base of Poon Hill

3 Day: Trek to Poon Hill and reach Karbakeli crossing Phulbari

4 Day: Trek to Beni Bazar via Baseri, Mallaj, or Falame Danda nearby Nangi Village.

5 Day: Morning hike to Lovely Hill and Drive Back to Pokhara with a short visit to High Bridge of Baglung and Kusma.

Why Karbakeli Eco Trekking 

- The Newest trekking trail in Nepal, with a mix of Poon Hill and Mohare Danda.

- Availability of a number of alternative trekking routes to your needs and taste.

- Combines the best natural viewpoints of Mohare Hill and Poon Hill.

- Circuit Trekking routes with Hotel, Tea-house, Community lodge, and Homestay accommodation.

- The views of 3 eight-thousanders mountains from the Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Annapurna Himalayan ranges. In short, you will see over 30 different mountain peaks of the Himalayans.

- Best experience of the world-famous trek as well as new trekking in Nepal.

- The traditional rural lifestyle, alpine nature, Poon people, and religious sites also make Karbakeli Eco Trek the best one.

Few Facts About New Eco Trekking Trail

- The highest point of Karbakeli Eco Trek is 3210 (Poon Hill). Meanwhile, it can go up to 3313 m if you trek Karbakeli via Mohare Danda Trek.

- The 2320-meter-high viewpoint of Kafal Danda is one attraction of Karbakeli Eco Trek, from where you can see the Kalagandai River Valley. In short, this is almost like an aerial view, down to you.

- The name Karbakeli is coming from the deity of the Pun Magar community. Which the POON Hill gets its name. In short, Karbakeli is the most powerful in the area.

- Old local people are saying this trekking route is not new. 100s years, they used this trail to gather at Karbakeli Temple for religious practices in different festivals.

In this Karbakeli Eco Trekking, trekkers can experience the beauty of nature, rural culture, and lifestyles of the Pun community. In other words, this can be the best, as will the famous Village Eco Trek of Nepal. Moreover, Karbakeli Eco Trek also carries the areas of research. Trekkers can enjoy and study ancient music and rhyme of the community, which is in practice since the 15th century. Salaijoo, Yanimaya, Thado Bhaka ( Stright Rhyme), and Sir-Paul are the most popular and traditional rhymes of Karbakeli Eco Trekking.

Join Karbakeli Eco-Trek and experience the differences with this New Trekking Trail in Annapurna. This new Eco trekking route between Poon Hill and Mohare Danda takes your adventure to the next level with a mix of Nature, Culture, People, and Lifestyle with particular ecology around Karbakeli.

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