5 Best Himalayan Trekking Trails in Nepal 2023

01 Aug, 2020  |   By Apar Datta

Although it is a difficult task to choose 5 Best Himalayan Trekking Trails in Nepal, we have taken up that challenge in this write-up. We have used our experience on the trail, the infrastructural facilities in the region, popularity, accessibility, affordability etc. to make the list of best trekking trails. However, this is not an ultimate declaration, since experience may vary from person to person, to say that these are the only best trekking regions in Nepal. There are many, equally fascinating as these on the list, trekking regions where trekkers can enjoy Himalayan trekking adventure.

Each trekking trail listed here has their own unique specialty to attract trekkers. The order that they are published here doesn’t suggest any hierarchical status of the trekking trail. It is simply the list of 5 Best Himalayan Trekking Trails in Nepal.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is probably the most sought after trekking adventure in Nepal. The best thing about this trekking trail is Everest Base Camp Trek 2023 as its ultimate destination. The trail to the Everest Base Camp is well trodden path by many adventurers for several years now. Plenty of accommodation facilities are available although most of them are quite basic. Getting accommodation in the wilderness mountain is a great facility in itself. View of the Himalaya is definitely one of the attractions in Himalayan trekking trail. Apart from the view and the base camp, you will also have the chance to see the local life and cultural wonders of the famous climbing tribe of Sherpa.

2. Upper Mustang Trekking

upper mustang trekking trail

The craggy and bare mountainous landscape with color changing rocky cliffs look as fascinating as anything in Upper Mustang Trekking 2023 Trail. The cultural riches of the region are unparalleled although the infrastructural facilities are basic and limited. The human settlements in the region look like oasis in the deserted mountainous surroundings. This region is one of the restricted zones in Nepal so it takes a hefty royalty to go trekking here. Although you need to pay a high royalty, it is definitely worth trekking there.

3. Manaslu Circuit Trek with Base Camp

short manaslu circuit trek

Manaslu Circuit is another spectacular trekking region in Nepal. Relatively less crowded trekking trail compared to Everest and Annapurna, Manaslu Circuit Trek 2023 makes a perfect Himalayan trekking adventure into the wild. The trail starts from lower river valley and goes higher towards a Himalayan pass of Larke La (5,135m) near Mt. Manaslu (8,156m) – the 8th highest mountain in the world. This trekking trail eventually meets the Annapurna Circuit trekking trail. One can enjoy serene nature and majestic mountains with only fewer people trekking in the region.

4. Amphu Lapcha Trekking

amaphu lapcha pass trek

Amphu Lapcha Trekking runs through the Hinku Valley in the Everest region. This Himalayan trekking trail is another spectacularly peaceful trail. The trip goes to cross a technical pass of Amphu Lapcha (5,845m) near a beautiful climbing peak of Mera (6,476m). This Amphu Lapcha Trek can also be combined with climbing adventure in Mera Peak and Island Peak (6,189m). However, the trekking alone, without climbing adventure, is an incredible adventure in the region.

5. Everest Three High Pass Trekking

three high pass trek

Name of the trip in itself is suggestive of the adventure level of the trip. This Everest Three High Pass Trek aslo know as Everest Circuit Trek can be taken as the ultimate Everest Treking Region exploring adventure. Trekking over 3 Himalayan pass over 5,000 meters is definitely a great challenge. But the challenge is clearly overshadowed by the spectacular views and landscapes that the trek brings along. The adventure takes trekkers 5 times over 5,000 meters that include the Everest Base Camp as well.

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These Himalayan Trekking Trails in the list are definitely some of the best in Nepal. However, the wonderful trekking in Nepal doesn’t get limited to these regions alone. All the Himalayan trekking trails offer uniquely fascinating views of the mountains. These trips on the list also have their own unique features to offer. These trips vary in terms of accommodation facilities and accessibility but provide the equally magnificent experience of adventuring in the Himalayan trekking trail. Please Contact Trekking Trail Nepal for further, Itineraries, Updates, Package, Price, and Information.

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