Nepal Travel Info

Nepal is a small and beautiful Himalayan country that lies in between India and China. Surrounded by India in three sides east, west and south and by China in the north, Nepal is a landlocked country. The elevation of the country inclines as you move from south to north from plains in the south to the high soaring mountains in the north. The northern borderline is high rising Himalayan peaks that separate Nepal with the autonomous region of China; Tibet while the southern plains separate this beautiful country with India.

Nepal is not the country only of high mountains. Instead, it has one of the most diverse cultural riches in the world. Within the small territory, Nepal exhibits diverse and unique cultures. To keep the facts simple and short, Nepal is the country of diversity in every aspect from culture to religion and from geography to ethnicity and language. However, a strong harmony is maintained amongst the diversities. Nepalese people are one of the humblest and most hospitable people in the world.

This section of Trekking Trail Nepal support you regarding the Festivals, Visa and Custom, Facts of Nepal as well Climate and Clothing and Entry point to Nepal

  • Climate and Clothing for Nepal

    It is very hard to generalize high alpine climate of Nepal since the Himalayas weather varies enormously from one region to another. Due to the global warming and climate change…

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  • Entry to Nepal

    Nepal Immigration and entry is being organized to regulate the movements of foreigners into, within and from Nepal. The information on this page Entry to Nepal covers the most common…

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  • Facts of Nepal

    Nepal is lain wedged between the high range of the Himalayas and the lush plains and steamy jungles of the Indian sub-continent. Furthermore, Nepal is a country known for Sherpas…

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  • Festivals in Nepal

    First of all, keep in mind, Nepal is has a long and rich history of diverse cultures and religions. While this country is not the only country of high Himalayan.…

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  • Visa and Customs of Nepal

    When you travel to Nepal on your holiday, it is the tourist visa that you need to obtain. Except for the Indian nationals, all other nationalities require a valid visa…

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