Nepal New Tourist Visa Fees 2019 | Customs Rules of Nepal

Nepal New Tourist Visa Fee 2019

Nepal New Visa Fee 2019

On 2016 May 2019 Government of Nepal make the changes on the Nepal Visa Fees. These new Nepal Visa Fees will be effective from July 17 2019. Need any further updates regarding the Nepal New Visa Fees 2019. Not ony Tourist Fees, Nepal Government hike the price for all visa types like Nepal study visa, Residental Visa, Business Visa and Non Tourist Visa. Check the All New Nepal Visa Fees2019 .


Nepal New Tourist Visa Fee are as follows: New Visa of Nepal is Changed in 2019

Tourist Visa Types Duration Old Visa Fees Nepal New Visa Fees 2019
Multiple Entry: 15 days US $ 25 US $ 30
Multiple Entry: 30 days US $ 40 US $ 50
Multiple Entry: 90 days US $ 100 US $ 125

When you travel to Nepal on your holiday, it is the tourist visa that you need to obtain. Except for the Indian nationals, all other nationalities require a valid visa to get into and travel in Nepal. Most of the nationalities, except the ones listed here, can obtain a visa on arrival from the immigration desk at Tribhuvan International Airport or overland entry points. To obtain on arrival visa, you need to fill up arrival form at the immigration desk and of course have a valid passport, at least for six months, two recent passport size pictures, and visa fees
(refer to the listing below).

For more details on the Tourist Visa Process, Visit the Nepalese Department of Immigration Official Site or Contact Trekking Trail Nepal.

Most of the countries with a legal clean passport can get the visa on arrival at the Tribhuvan international airport in Kathmandu or any entry point on the border Nepal. Nepal visa can be obtained for two to twelve weeks after completing the relevant visa application form, with 3 passport sized photographs attached and along with the below mention visa fees.

Visa fees must pay in US Dollar at the airport or entry point. Visas can be extended for a further period by paying additional fees to Nepalese Department of Immigration at Kalikasthan, Kathmandu (Telephone: +977 1 4429659).

You can download a visa application form from the belows link near to your location and nationality:

  1. United States of America in Washington, DC,
  2. United Kingdom, London
  3. Australia, Canberra


  • You must have a valid and clean passport. If your visa crosses the limited stay period you can arrange an extension to stay in Nepal at the Department of Immigration, before your departure.
  • Overstaying without authority is serious and you can be detained or refused permission to leave until a fine is paid.
  • Your valid passport must be valid for at least 6 months while you submit the application for a visa for Nepal.
  • Check whether you need a yellow fever certificate by visiting the National Travel Health Network and Centre Travel Health Pro website.
  • If you are planning to take any medical facilities in Nepal you must carry all the prescription and related medical history. For further details contact nearest Nepalese Embassy.
  • Emergency Travel Documents are accepted for entry, air side transit and exit from Nepal.


All baggage must be identified and has to pass through customs inspection at every entry or exit point. Two bottles of liquor, 200 stick cigarettes, one camera and other personal electronic devices, a tent and camping gears and personal effects are allowed in duty-free. Professional video camera, drone, and transistor should be declared on arrival at the entry point and are to be taken back on departure; these items will be endorsed in the passport. Do you have any Questions and Queries Regarding New Nepal Visa Fees, Nepal Customs feel easy to write to Trekking Trail Nepal.