Quick Facts of Nepal

1. Extreme Geography - Top Quick Facts of Nepal

Nepal is the small mountainous country stuck in between of High plateau of Tibet with Highest Himalayas and wide spread land of India in the south. But good things about the Extreme Geography Nepal have 8 Highest Mountains of the world above 8000 meters.

Top Highest Mountains in Nepal

  • Mount Everest – 8848 m
  • Kanchenjunga – 8586 m
  • Lhotse – 8516 m
  • Makalu – 8481 m
  • Cho Oyu – 8201 m
  • Dhaulagiri I – 8167 m
  • Manaslu – 8156 m
  • Annapurna I – 8091 m

2. The Deepest Gorge of the World

Nepal is the country where you will experience the deepest gorge of the world. Andha Galchi is the Nepalese name for the gorge which you can see and feel on Upper Mustang Drive Tour. This Deepest Gorge is situated on the river bank of Kaligandaki in between of 2 highest mountanis of the world; Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri.

3. Hinduism is Major Religion in the Birth Place Buddha

Nepal is the ancient country with the living history of 2600 years of practicing Hinduism religion. But Nepal also is the land of Buddhism since the lord Buddha was born in Nepal and he enlightenment in Nepal. Despite having various religions, Nepal have never fought in the name of religion. Because Nepal is the land where Gautam Buddha was born in Hindu family.

4. Dense World Heritage Site

Kathmandu, The Capital city of Nepal has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites then Any other city in the world. Kathmandu hold 7 of World Heritage sites just in the area radius of 15 Kilometer.

5. Nepal have only triangular Flags

In other word National flag of Nepal is the world"s only non quadrilateral National flags. The flag making process of this flag need deep knowledge or trigonometry and used in the curriculum in Canada.

6. Country without Independence Day

Nepal is one and only non colonized country in south east Asia. So Nepal does not have any Independence Day. Nepal neither colonized not invade by any of empire.

7. Elephant Polo

We know you are known about Polo. Have you ever heard about Elephant Polo? The game Nepal invent. Elephant Polo is similar to the Polo even rules. But using Elephant to play Polo. Elephant Polo World cup was founded by World Elephant Polo Association and is played only in Meghauli, Near by Chitwan National Park.

8. Saturday is Public Holiday

Unlike other countries Nepal has Saturday as Public Holidays, not Sunday. Behind Nepal, Israel the only another country which follows Saturday as Public Holiday.

9. Language of Nepal

In the area of Language we use communicate in day to day life, Nepal can offers more and differences to the world. Many people do not know this, but Nepal has more than 123 secondary languages. In fact more then 102 are still in practices.However, Nepal has only one official language which is Nepali and the National language too.

10. Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is placed among the top trekking destinations in the world by National Geographic Society and Lonely Planet. Not only Everest and Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Circuit Trekking is one of the best Trekking in the world holds the 3rd position till 2005. For the first time, tourist come to see the mountains and to do trek on these beautiful trekking trail in Nepal.

11. Numbers of Mountains

Most of people know Mount Everest is highest mountains of the Earth. Not only Mt. Everest lies in Nepal, 10 Highest peaks out of 14 Eight Thousanders is in Nepal. However, this might not be big surprising facts but, Nepal have more then 14000 Mountains peaks. YES! We said 14-THOUSANDS. Furthermore only 8000 mountains have name.

12. Heaven for Adventure Sports

Nepal is the heaven Heaven for Adventure Sports. Trekking in Nepal is just as small showcase. If you are in search of Real Adventure Sports Nepal will offers you more. Summit of Everest, World 2nd highest Bungee and swing, 6+ Grade Water Rafting and Kayaking, Sky Diving in Everest, Paragliding Tour in Nepal, Off the beat mt. biking, World highest marathon are few to mention here under Heaven for Adventure Sports.

13. Kathmandu - City of Temples

Kathmandu, the biggest city and capital of Nepal No wonders we call the City Of Temples. One century ago Kathmandu have more temples than house. Now there is difference in the numbers of house and temples. But you can see and experiences 1000s of temples, monanstery and stupas in Kathmandu.

14. Kumari - Only Living Goddess

Nepal is the home of the Living Goddess of the world who lives in Kathmandu. Nepal is renowned for the only living goddess in the world, KUMARI. A Hindu Goddess selected from Buddhist clan.

15. The Bravest Shoilders Gurkhas - In the land of Peace