Paro Valley | Air Capital of Bhutan

Starting as an arid gorge at Chhuzom (The Confluence), the Paro Valley opens up little by little, reaching its widest point before the airport. Then it divides into two near the Dzong and Paro village; one valley called Donpchari runs northwards for about 15 Km, while the main valley with paved road continues northwest. The road terminates at Drukgyel Dzong, 16km from Paro. Paro is believed to be one of the first valleys to have been influenced by Buddhism, and the tow temples bear witness to the glorious introduction of the religion: Kyichu and Taktsang.

Paro Valley - Air Capital of Bhutan

Paro valley is one of the most populated areas of the whole country. Casting a shadow across the town of Paro and controlling all secular and religious activities in its valley is the elegant and perfectly symmetrical Rinpung Dzong. This Rinpung Dzong was build in 1646 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal who is also knows as temporal and spiritual rural of Hidden Kingdom of Bhutan.

You will definitely visit the Paro Valley and around if you enter Bhutan via Air. Since Paro has the  one and only International Airport of Bhutan. If you are visiting Bhutan via roadways weather by Bhutan Motor Cycle Tour or via private car. Trekking Trail Nepal highly recommended you to explore around the Paro Valley and enjoy Place to Visit in Bhutan up to the most.