Tashigang | Place to Visit in Bhutan

Tashingang lies 547km from Thimpu. The town, high up in the mountain, is busier than any other Bhutanese town. Its proximity to Samdrup Jongkar in the south has enabled it to grow as a center of commerce. The environment of Tashingang is one of the pleasant with effacts of Culture, Nature and lifestyle in Bhutan, which make Best Place to visit in Bhutan. The mild climate and flowering bougainvillea contribute to this atmosphere.

Tashingang Dzong, built in 1659 by Pekar Choepel, stands at the extreme end of the spur, overhanging the Gamri River by more than 400m. Unlike most other Dzongs, it has only one courtyard. The Dzong of Tashingang offers the ammazing views of rural village with untouch nature. Furthermore, it is practically impregnable, being protected on the three sides by the river and ravines, and from behind by the mountain.