Tingsa | Place to Visit in Bhutan

In the center of Bhutan and four hours drive from Wangdi Phodrang lies the small town of Tongsa. Tingsa also is known as Tongsa or Trongsa which means ‘the new village’ and the founding of Tongsa first dates from the 16th century. The approach to the town involves a 14km trip around the Tongsa valley. A vantage point from the opposite side of the valley, still 14km from Tongsa, provides a welcome view of the Dzong and the town. Drukpa Lama, Ngagi Wangchuk 1517 to 1554) founded the first temple at Tongsa in 1543.

Situated at the top of hills, supported by several levels of big walls, the dzong of Tingsa offers a great view. Above all the gorge of Mangde River Canel will stick in your mind for longer from Tingsa.

Like almost all towns in the Kingdom, the secular and religious center, the Dzong, dominates the horizon. At an altitude of 2200 m, the dzong is a masterpiece of architecture, a maze of courtyards, passageways, and corridors containing, in addition to 23 temples. The most important ones are those dedicated to the great tantric deities Yamantaka, Hevajra and Kalacakra. They include the Maitreya Buddhist temple, constructed in 1771 AD. Protected from invaders by an impenetrable valley, Trongsa Dzong is an impenetrable fortress.

The Tingsa or Trongsa Dzong is one of the biggest Dzong that includes as the Top Place to Visit in Bhutan Tour.