Why Manaslu is called Killer Mountain?

11 Nov, 2021  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

Manaslu is one of the eight thousand meter peaks. It is located in the Mansiri Himal section of the Himalayas. Famous for its great structure and gorgeous vistas, the Killer Mountain has become one of the most in-demand expeditions in the world. There are some great facts about the eighth highest mountain in the world that are sure to blow your mind. Out of many top points, Manaslu being called the Killer Mountain is the ultimate fact. There are many mysteries and facts regarding Manaslu Himal that are a thing to watch out for. Let’s dive deep into some facts about Manaslu Mountain.

Some Interesting Mount Manaslu Facts:

Where is Manaslu mountain located?

Manaslu is one of the popular peaks to do a fun expedition. Regardless of it, Many people are quite confused regarding where Manaslu is located. Well, the answer is obvious. Manaslu mountain is located in the Mansiri Himal section in the northern part of the Gorkha district. You may know Gorkha from Nepal history regarding the unification of Nepal. In other words, the Manaslu location is generally popular as the area above the pine forests in Budhi Gandaki River. Also, Manaslu is more like a mountain you travel to before summiting other higher mountain peaks.

Manaslu Meaning

The meaning of Manaslu is the Mountain of Spirit. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “Manasa,” which means intellect or soul. While summiting the mountain, you get to reason and understand the true meaning of life objectively. Your soul gets to know nature’s supremacy at its very best. The perfect blend of natural beauty with human effort makes it an amazing trip.

Why is Manaslu called the Killer Mountain of the World?

Soaring high above the forests of Nepal in the northern part of Gorkha lies a magnificent mountain is known as Manaslu. Termed as the mountain of the spirit, people call Manaslu “Killer Mountain of the World.” It’s because more than 60 mountaineers have given their lives while summiting the eighth highest mountain. 

The Mountain of Spirit might not be the highest peak of the world. But, it is dangerous like every difficult peak. It requires good experience and a great technical approach to be able to summit the peak. Most people summit it before Everest to experience what it’s like to trek at a high altitude. 

Manaslu Circuit Trekking Difficulty

Trekking around Manaslu offers a diverse range of mountains, remote Buddhist villages, and cultural diversity. That’s a lot of nature’s heritages in a single package. The trails in the Manaslu circuit start with terraced fields and sub-tropical forests. The climb leads to high altitude dry and cold lands. The sudden change in altitude and temperature makes it difficult for some travelers to trek.

However, it is not difficult as most people say it to be. There is a challenge to trek the world’s eighth highest mountain, but a little challenge is never dangerous. It is hard for a novice trekker to complete the Manaslu Trek. But, a trekker with a little experience and training can easily complete the circuit trek and make the most out of it. Imagine having a cup of tea at Manaslu Base Camp, remembering all the fun memories you had on your trip. It is a great experience to have, hands down.

Manaslu Climbing Routes and Things you need to take in Manaslu Trek

First things first, Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. Located in the northern part of the Gorkha district in the Mansiri Himal Section, It stands tall and well to all travelers from around the world. Secondly, Climbing Manaslu is a hard thing to do as it is not a popular trekking trail. There are many things you need to follow while climbing Manaslu. Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the best ways to experience the real joy of living life in the Himalayas.

The trip to Manaslu starts from Kathmandu followed by a bus ride from Kathmandu to Gorkha. You need to trek from Gorkha to Arughat. You get to pass through Sundi Khola and Madi Khola during the trekking trail. Another exciting place you visit is Pungen Gompa where you take a rest and prepare for the next day. It all comes down to the day when you trek to Manaslu Base Camp. It is the area in the highest altitude in the Manaslu region where people live.

Things you need to take during Short Manaslu Trekking 2023 are:

  • Hiking Backpack
  • First aid kit
  • Multi-tool kit
  • Appropriate climbing Shoes
  • Plenty of food and snacks
  • Clothes appropriate to the weather

Manaslu Deaths as of 2021 | The Killer Mountain 2021 Deaths

According to the reports, the killer mountain has taken the lives of 53 people between 1953 and 2006. As of 2021, the total Manaslu deaths have reached 89. Despite most people trekking Manaslu as the second choice mountain, some of them get attracted to the authentic beauty of the killer mountain.

Main Reasons for Manaslu Deaths

As you already know, a high number of deaths have happened in Manaslu Region. The causes of Manaslu’s deaths are quite scary. From altitude sickness to avalanches, people get destroyed by mother nature if things don’t go as planned. 

Some of the major reasons for Manaslu's Deaths include:

  • Avalanche
  • Fall
  • Exhaustion
  • Altitude Sickness
  • Hit by falling seracs
  • Collapsing
Name of Manaslu Death Victims with Cause

Causes of Deaths in Manaslu

Names of the person who died in Manaslu

Rescue helicopter crash

Hiromi Komatsu


Haeng-su Park

Hit by falling seracs

Franc Oderlap


 Hasta Bahadur Gurung


 Miroslav Rybansky



Dominique Ouimet

Gregory Ugo Costa

Alberto Magliano

Catherine Ricard

 Christian Mittermeyer

Dawa Dorji Sherpa

Fabrice Priez

Ludovic Challeat

Marti Roig Gasull

Phillippe Lucien Bos

Rémy Lécluse

Miroslav Rybansky

Sergei Jadrychnikov

Nima Wangchuk Sherpa

Charles Schertz

Nancy Jackson

Nima Norbu Sherpa 

Thomas Juen

Nejc Zaplotnik

Ante Bućan

Pere Aymerich

Enric Font

Edgardo Jose Porsellana

Ho-sup Kim

Rinsing Ongyal

Phurba Tenzing

Pasang Nima

Pemba Rinji

Ang Tendi (Ang Dawa)


Ang Rita

Kazunari Yasuhisha

Chang-hee Park

Joon-haeng Song

Altitude Sickness

Rita Bladyko

Philip Harvey

Zoltan Benedek

 Eisa Mir-Shekari

Daniel Goulevitch

 Isao Kuribara


Hirotaka Onodera

Roman Hlávko

Hirotaka Onodera

Yoshimasa Sasaki

Levente Szabó

Sue Far

Hristo Stantchev

Michael Zunk

Jörg Starke

Igor Khmiliar

Sven Vermeiren

Sylwia Dmowski

Karl Großrubatscher

Mountainory Lunjakov

Zinur Halitov

Murat Galiev

Santiago Suarez

Ichigi Kudo

Dieter Oberbichler

Stanisław Jaworski

Ki-sup Kim












































































Manaslu is called the Killer Moutain because it has a high number of casualties despite being summited by very few people comparatively. However, proper preparation under the best trekking agency makes sure you make the most out of your Manaslu trip. It is a 100% guarantee that you will remember it for all the good reasons.

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