6 Strenuous Trekking in Nepal | Difficult Treks in Nepal

15 Sep, 2019  |   By Apar Datta

You can find trekking adventures of various difficulty levels in Nepal. From easy to strenuous level, you can set off on the adventure that suits you. There are some amazing trekking adventures with extreme difficulty level to face during the trek. We are going to talk about 7 strenuous trekking adventures in Nepal. The difficulty level of these treks is determined by duration, elevation, terrain and remoteness of the adventures.

You must be wondering If Everest Base Camp Trek is the most difficult one. But let us tell you that it is not a strenuous trekking to reach the base camp of Mt. Everest. But these extremely difficult trekking adventures spread in different regions of the Himalaya. Let’s take a look at those difficult trekking trail in Nepal.

6 Best Strenuous Trekking in Nepal | Difficult Trek in Nepal

amphu lapcha pass trekking

1. Amphu Lapcha Trekking - Best Strenuous Trekking in Everest

If you want a challenging and strenuous trekking in the Everest region, Amphu Lapcha Trekking is one of the adventures to go for. Name after a tricky mountain pass of Amphu Lapcha, this trek takes you to explore the madness of Hinku valley. The wilderness that you pass through along the trail is incredibly wild.

You will fly to Lukla and head along the trail towards the Mera Peak. The infamous Amphu Lapcha pass lies past Mera peak. It is a highly technical pass that requires the help of rope to go over it. It’s like a small climbing adventure to trek over the pass to the other side to Chhukung valley. In addition to being the long trekking adventure at the high altitude, the situation of the pass also makes this trek one of the 7 strenuous trekking adventures in Nepal.

chola pass trekking

2. Everest Three High Pass Trekking - Most Popular Strenuous Trek with Everest Base Camp

You can guess the location of the trek by its name that this adventure also goes in the Everest region. Everest 3 High Pass Trekking adventure involves walking over three high mountains passes in the region. All the passes that you trek over during the adventure are over 5,000 meters from sea level. The beautiful passes of Renjo La, Cho La, and Kongma La come along the trekking trail that you follow for the adventure.

In addition to the passes, you will also hike to the famous viewpoints of Gokyo Ri and Kalapatthar, both above 5,000 meters from sea level. The passes and the viewpoints make this adventure a real challenge and take the difficulty level to strenuous. Although an extremely challenging trek, this adventure is a wonderful trip in the mountains.

Poon Hill Short Trekking

3. Dhaulagiri Round Trek - Classical Difficult Trek to Dhaulagiri Base Camp

Another of the strenuous trekking adventures in Nepal, Dhaulagiri Round Trek is a remote area exploration in the region of Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167m). This trekking adventures gets only a fewer trekkers a year. So, trekking in Dhaulagiri is a sort of solitary exploration. You need to be at an extreme level of fitness to go on this adventure.

Since there are fewer trekkers in the region, you can explore the region in complete peace. Although you can trek most of the stretch of the adventure with teahouse and homestay accommodation, you also need to use tent accommodation. The higher you trek, the more difficult it gets for the trekkers. You will love the wilderness that the region bears. This is an incredibly beautiful remote and difficult trekking adventure.

makalu base camp trekking

4. Makalu Base Camp Trek - Strenuous Trek to Skip the Crowed

Another remote area and difficult trekking adventure in the Himalaya, Makalu Base Camp Trek takes you to the base of the Mt. Makalu (8,481m). The fifth highest mountain in the world, Mt. Makalu is a beautiful mountain peak in the Himalaya. Trekking in the Makalu region is setting off in one of the remote area trekking adventures in Nepal.

Although Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world, it has only fewer trekkers traversing the trail in the region. But you will not believe the magnificence of the mountain and the area that you get to see during the adventure. It’s pristine nature, un-spoilt atmosphere and breathtaking views of the mountains make the adventure a beautiful journey.

tilicho lake trek

5. Nar Phu Valley Trek with Thorong La - Strenuous Trekking trail to Tilicho Lake

A wonderful remote area trekking adventure in the Annapurna region has also made it to the list of strenuous trekking adventures in Nepal. Nar Phu Valley Trek with Thorong La  and Tilicho Lake Trek combines the walking adventures in Nar Phu valley and around the Annapurna range. Exploring the timeless valley of Nar and Phu and crossing the high passes of Kang La in the remote mountains is a challenging adventure.

This adventure also completes the Annapurna Circuit Trek on its course. Apart from the apple pie route of the Annapurna circuit, the trail through the Nar Phu valley is in remote area. Trekking in the region is also challenging as you need to trek longer days and also over two high mountain passes. If you want to make it even more adventurous, you can also add Tilicho Lake and Mesokanto La on the route.

upper dolpo trekking

6. Upper Dolpo Trek - Strenuous Trek in the Hidden Valley of Dolpo

One of the most famous remote-area trekking, Upper Dolpo Trek is also one of the strenuous trekking adventures in Nepal. This trek goes in the mountains west of Dhaulagiri range of the Himalayas. The serenity of the region is enhanced by the beautiful cultural villages and pristine natural surroundings. This is a restricted area trekking adventure that requires a special permit to go on the adventure.

While you are on the adventure, you can explore the magical beauty of Phoksundo Lake along the trail. Cultural wonders of Shey Gompa and other beautiful villages along the trail also contribute equally in the experience. Again, there will be only fewer trekkers in the region allowing you to explore the area in a peaceful atmosphere.

Come and enjoy these Difficult Trek in Nepal to experience the Higher Himalayas with Strenuous Trekking Adventure.

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