Everest Base Camp Turn into a Lake in 5 years

04 Jan, 2022  |   By Trekking Trail Nepal

Climate Change has been one of the most devastating things currently in the world. It is a big threat to humanity and natural resources. According to Shree Gurung, the organizer of the World Video Blog Challenge, he found out major differences in the Khumbu Glacier. He visited Everest Base Camp in 2020 and 2021, and the changes were astounding. He concludes Everest Base Camp Turn into a Lake in 5 years.

Mr.Gurung told the media that he, along with his group, went towards Everest Base Camp Trek. He found a big change in the photos clicked on November 2020 and November 2021. The massive changes in the glaciers and the natural resources are due to Climate Change. He clarified if things go like this, the day will not be far when Everest Base Camp will turn into a lake. So will Everest Base Camp turn into a lake? Considering the condition and the comparative analysis, the day will not be far.

Attention towards the mountains | World Vlog Challenge 2024

To turn the whole world’s attention towards the mountains and everyone aware of the adverse effects of Climate Change, Shree Gurung has come up with the World Vlog Challenge. He has brought in some of the top international content creators. He believes every content creator is unique. With their unique narration about Everest, their audience will connect to the topic imminently. 

Mr. Gurung has invited creators like Steel Davis, Alex Tenda, Ashish Bhatia, Will Dasovich, and other famous Bloggers and Content Creators from around the world. The total subscriber count goes up to 3,80,000,000. He believes the views would reach up to 3-4 crores. It is indeed a good way to give bloggers the chance to give information about the darker side of Climate Change through videos. He told the media that no one is a better storyteller than bloggers.


Explore Everest Base Camp Trek 2024 Before it Turns into Lake

Climate Change is indeed a global threat. A few weeks before, Ambassadors from the UK, US, and Australia visited Rara Lake of Nepal. The motive of the visit was to study the impact of climate change and the steps to be taken to minimize the effects. The foremost thing everyone can try is to follow the basic principle of cleanliness, sustainable resource use, and less pollution.

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